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0009212ardourbugspublic2023-02-03 04:24
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Summary0009212: VST3 parameter issue in bx Console SSL 9000
DescriptionThe 'console channel' parameter for the bx console SSL 9000 VST3 cycles between is high range while scrolling through the values. The GUI fails to step through the values properly, and the behavior is seen clearly using the automation track.

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2023-01-29 17:24

reporter   ~0027254

params_sm.gif (865,293 bytes)


2023-01-30 01:29

reporter   ~0027258

Also occurs with Pro-Q 3

<iframe src='' frameborder='0' scrolling='no' allowfullscreen width='640' height='470'></iframe>


2023-01-30 01:54

reporter   ~0027259

Posted link instead:


2023-02-03 04:24

administrator   ~0027268

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Almost unbelievable that this was not reported before!

Those were two separate issues. the " bx Console SSL 9000" relates to integer step controls, and the Pro-Q issue was due to range mismatch: internally all parameters are normalized to 0..1 range.
Ardour informed the UI about the normalized value 0..1 rather than actual frequency value (in Hz).

It seems that most other VST3 plugins always used the range 0..1 both internally and as 'actual' value (like VST2) and hence were not affected by this.

Both issue are now fixed since 7.2-191-gdac8feb98b

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