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0009197ardourfeaturespublic2023-01-09 16:23
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Product Version7.2 
Summary0009197: UX improvements for Step Entry dialog
DescriptionThe Step Entry dialog currently has a few UX issues that would be nice to have fixed.

1. The keyboard could do with the same piano keys widget that is used in the Virtual Keyboard dialog where octaves are numbered and keys in C4-C5 are visibly mapped to shortcuts on the physical keyboard. Actually pressing keys works, but there is no visual feedback on the piano keyboard and no hint which key correspond to what shortcuts. So: please mark octaves and keys.

2. Being able to use shortcuts to set note duration would be rather helpful. E.g. Logic Pro uses 1 for 1/1, 2 for 1/2, 3 for 1/4 etc. Ardour could do the same and use 0 for toggling chord input. The hints about that could be displayed in tooltips on hover.

3. It might be useful to enhance tooltips for velocity presets and mention the exact velocity value that corresponds to ppp, mp, fff etc. E.g.: "Set volume to mezzo-forte (velocity 80)".
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2023-01-09 16:23

administrator   ~0027167

(2) should already be possible. See Window > Keyboard Shortcuts

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