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0009172ardourbugspublic2022-12-18 00:25
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PlatformMicrosoftOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version7.2 
Summary0009172: Regions on measure boundaries act weird after global tempo change
DescriptionThis one is long, sorry. :/

I'm trying to match the tempo between two songs for a mashup. I do this by setting the global tempo to the tempo of one song, lining up the tracks on beat boundaries, then padding each track's region to perfectly align with both 001| 01 | 0000 and a measure boundary after the song ends. Once this is done I can change the global tempo to match the target tempo and use the stretch tool to extend or compress each region so it'll still end on the same measure after the tempo change. This works great for songs that need to be slowed down, but when I try to use the same method to speed songs up, the regions get truncated at the new measure boundary. For example, if I have padded a 121 bpm track with silence to end on measure 114 | 01 | 0000, when I change the tempo to 130 bpm some tracks will get truncated on measure 114 | 01 | 0000 even though the regions should contain audio that reaches past that point. If I use the trim tool to try to extend the regions, only audio that was previously trimmed will appear. If I try to undo the tempo change, Ardour will crash. I have not been able to reproduce the crash using a GDB build, although other weird stuff starts to happen (regions will not show the proper waveform unless zoomed in, and rebuilding peaks will result in the region being represented by a checkerbox instead of a waveform).
Steps To Reproduce shows the steps I took to reproduce this issue. This video shows 7.2 release; I was unable to reproduce the crash with GDB on the nightly build, but the underlying issue of unexpected region truncation remained.
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