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0009167ardourbugspublic2022-12-16 06:30
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Summary0009167: Multiple MIDI issues, difficult to separate
DescriptionThis is Manjaro, with ardour 7.1-1.

Multiple issues relating to MIDI, plugins, cues:

1) Plugin interface does not work, especially in the "clips" sidebar - I swtich to ACE Fluidsynth so the drum based clips make sense - then I try and load an sf2 file, but the plugin interface (clicking the button right next to the plugin selector) is either:
    a) stuck on the previous plugin, ACE reasonable synth;
    b) not showing up at all; or
    c) showing the ACE Fluid Synth interface, but then when I load an sf2 file, the "program" slots do not populate with any patches in the dropdown menus; basically I'm stuck using the defaults because it's not showing the proper things to change.
    d) the ACE Fluid Synth programs finally populate but it's random and then if I want to load a new sf2 file, they may or may not decide to update.

     Right now I'm stuck with it not showing up at all.

     The same thing happens sometimes in the ACE Fluid Synth plugin on some of the regular tracks too. I'll load an sf2 and then the interface will not refresh to give me all the patches in the channels (it will be showing the previous sf2 file's patches, and I don't know how to get it to refresh). This was not an issue in Ardour 6.9.

2) I don't know if this is a plugin issue or a MIDI issue, but after drawing a couple of regions (notes only, no program changes or anything), and dragging things around a bit, it seems that there is something in one of the regions that causes the ACE Fluid Synth plugin to revert back to the default patch on the channel I was using. I did not draw any program changes, I don't even know how to do that, and I don't even know if that would effect the patch selection in the Channels in the plugin interface.

3) Cues and Tracks.
    Does a Cue existing in a certain track and then being in that cue's area in the timeline cause that track's actual content to be silent?

4) Inconsistent cue stopping.
    If I am in the "cue" view and I start a region/clip playing, how do I stop it? Do I click on the "play" button again? It seems to have worked once and only once.
    Is the proper way then to click on the "stop" square next to one of the empty cues? What to do then if all the cues are filled up?

Sorry to lump all this together, it all seems related somehow and it's a little hard to tell where one problem stops and the next begins, especially related to the plugins/MIDI.
Steps To ReproduceNew session.
Create some MIDI tracks. Assign ACE Fluidsynth to the tracks.
Load an sf2 file in a couple of the tracks, and if you can get the interface to work, assign a patch to the first channel.
Make a couple of regions with MIDI data in them.
Drag the regions around a bit.
(at some point, the Fluidsynth reverts the first channel's patch to the default. Unclear if this is because of something in the MIDI data in the track getting corrupted, or if it's completely independent of that.)

Go to the "cue" view. In the Clips sidebar, choose ACE Fluid Synth. Click the button to the right of the Plugin selector dropdown. Either nothing will show up, or you will get the interface of the previous plugin (ACE Reasonable Synth) which just shows a message about how it is basic and has no options, or you will get ACE Fluid Synth interface, but then the patches won't update in the Channel menus so you won't be able to select anything.
Additional InformationI have videos of some of this happening, can provide them if helpful.
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