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0009142ardourbugspublic2023-01-18 13:31
Reporternoedig Assigned Topaul  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformUbuntuOSLinuxOS Version(any)
Product Version7.1 
Summary0009142: MIDI automation drawing is offset after tempo change
DescriptionWhen drawing in a region's automation lane for a MIDI parameter, when there has been a tempo change prior to that region, the drawing input is offset, i.e. when clicking to add a new automation node, the new node does not appear at the click position.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a midi track with two midi regions.
2. In-between the regions, create a tempo change marker, so the first region is in 120bpm and the second region is in e.g. 180 bpm.
3. Enable a midi parameter automation lane for the track, e.g. Bender or CC.
4. In draw mode, drawing in the first region's automation area works fine. Drawing in the second region's automation area (after the tempo change) does not work correctly. When clicking to add nodes, they are offset i.e. do not appear where clicked.
Additional InformationForum post with gif screenshots:
Tagsautomation, draw, Midi, tempo change



2022-12-04 13:46



2022-12-04 14:52

administrator   ~0026979

Could you please try a nightly build, because I believe this is already fixed.


2022-12-04 16:45

reporter   ~0026980

Ardour 7.1.211 Nightly - can confirm the same bug


2022-12-04 17:09

reporter   ~0026981

Confirmed here too, bug is still in nightly v7.1-211 2022-12-04


2022-12-05 21:55

administrator   ~0026984

fixed in commit 1728b691


2022-12-08 12:08

reporter   ~0027000

Drawing nodes in the second region (after the tempo change) works now (nightly Ardour-7.1.239-dbg-w64).
However, there is still this odd behaviour (see attached gif): when moving an existing node, and then inserting a new one, the former node position jumps.


2023-01-18 13:06

reporter   ~0027188

I think I still have this same issue on 7.2. (Debian 10)

I followed these steps to reproduce the problem:
1) make automation pattern on some MIDI parameter (like bend),
2) move the MIDI region elsewhere (not sure if relevant),
3) make a tempo change in the project before MIDI region,
4) try to add or edit automation point to different location (you'll see effects when it doesn't align with the snap setting and zooming in/out shows it gets messed up)


2023-01-18 13:31

reporter   ~0027189

To clarify my previous comment: It seems that editing the the already drawn points is the bigger issue. They still get misplaced after tempo change. Drawing new points somewhat works for me.

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