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0009139ardourfeaturespublic2022-12-03 19:42
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Summary0009139: Feature request: Clip preview: loop part of the session, then test clips in sync with the loop
DescriptionThe clip launcher works well when starting with clips and building from there, but sometimes I'd like to do it the other way 'round: starting with existing material and searching for fitting clips.

In that scenario, it would be awesome to be able to loop some part of the session and when browsing clips have them play back in sync with the loop. The start of the clip should start to play when the loop starts from the beginning.

The corresponding text in the manual now is "When playing a clip, Ardour will automatically pause the transport and resume playback when the clip playback is done".

If this feature is implemented it could change to something like "When pre-viewing clips, if Ardour is already playing a loop, the clip playback will be syncronised with the loop".

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