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0009137ardourbugspublic2022-12-03 18:39
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Product Version7.1 
Summary0009137: Lua script ( at least for voice activation) lacks needed information
DescriptionThe headers which is needed for saving the Lua script is not available, at least not for voice activation Lua plugin.
Information is also needed on where to put ( paste) the script in Ardour.
So the information should be

Mbr Patrik
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2022-12-03 16:04

administrator   ~0026970

Can you elaborate? I have just tested and works here.


2022-12-03 17:20

reporter   ~0026972



I copied that script to Ardour Window menu / Scripting.
It does run ( says OK)
But when i try to save I get the following:
Missing script header.
The script requires an '{ardour}' info table and a 'factory' function.


2022-12-03 17:27

administrator   ~0026973

There should be no need to copy it, Ardour comes with that script.
Here it is in C:\Program FIles\Ardour7\share\ardour7\scripts\

> I copied that script to Ardour Window menu / Scripting.

AHA. That console is for GUI script (EditorAction). It is not meant for DSP scripts with run in realtime-context in the mixer.

You load the voice-activate script like a normal plugin in the Mixer Window.


2022-12-03 18:39

reporter   ~0026974


Ok that clear. I did actually look in the Plugin manager, where it is not, therefore it went wrong.

This plugin is indeed visible only from the mixer. Could it show up also in the Plugin manager?

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