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0009125ardourbugspublic2022-11-29 06:13
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PlatformFedoraOSLinuxOS Version37
Product Version7.1 
Summary0009125: Ardour 7 Can't Autostart ALSA Backend
DescriptionThe “Autostart” option in the Audio/MIDI setup dialog (or Preferences>General>Try to auto-launch audio/midi engine) has no effect on a fresh install of Ardour 7.1.0 when using the ALSA backend. When I had Ardour configured to use pipewire’s JACK, it started up without displaying the Audio/MIDI setup dialog. When configured to use ALSA, it shows the Audio/MIDI setup dialog every time, even when autostart is enabled.

I'm using a single audio device for both input and output, and have confirmed that a recent .ardour session file lists the correct input-device and output-device.

Original forum post here:
Steps To Reproduce1) On a fresh Fedora 37 install (using pipewire) configure Ardour to use ALSA backend.

2) Ensure "Autostart" is selected in the Audio/Midi Setup dialog (or Preferences>General>Try to auto-launch audio/midi engine).

3) Start Ardour.

Expected result: Ardour starts the audio engine automatically.
Actual result: Ardour prompts the user to start the audio engine manually.
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