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0009115ardourbugspublic2022-12-08 17:54
Reporterwhanake Assigned Topaul  
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PlatformArchOSLinuxOS Version(any)
Product Version7.1 
Summary0009115: Colour of new tracks do not follow stripable-color-palette
DescriptionEvery time a new track in Ardour is created, it gets assigned a random colour. This colour is supposed to be chosen from the 'stripable-color-palette' line in '~/.config/ardour7/ui_config'. However, changing the palette in ui_config does nothing and the colour assigned to new tracks is seemingly random.
Steps To ReproduceOpen any existing Ardour session, or create a new one, then start adding tracks.
Additional InformationThe colours seem to be assigned in the same order across sessions, but there is no repeating pattern upon initial investigation.
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2022-12-08 01:05

administrator   ~0026995

"This colour is supposed to be chosen from the 'stripable-color-palette' line" ... looking into this, but can find no evidence that this was ever true. Do you have any?


2022-12-08 04:28

administrator   ~0026996

there is a fix for this (of a sort) now in ardour master branch (git) Would appreciate feedback on how this works for you


2022-12-08 04:52

reporter   ~0026997

No, I don't have any evidence, but x42 said he thought this used to be the case in the IRC channel. Either way, would be nice to have the option to set default colours. I'll try compiling from master now and give feedback in a few hours.


2022-12-08 07:53

reporter   ~0026998

I have tried the master branch, and I appreciate the colour addition, thank you. Although I wish the colours were added in a sequential order rather than each track randomly selecting a colour from the palette. It looks like they have slight brightness variations too, which is especially prominent when all palette colours are set to the same value. Some more consistency would be nice :)


2022-12-08 17:54

administrator   ~0027001

the colors are not used more than once, which is why you see the luminance differences after one cycle through the palette

sequential ordering now in place.

finally, we need some way to edit the palette :)

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