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0009114ardourbugspublic2022-11-24 03:42
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Summary0009114: Vsti dont work after saving and restarting with fluidsynth disabled
DescriptionI have fluidsynth connected to gm soundband.

Original state : fluidsynth is playing drums ok
de-activated fluidsynth and restarted ardour
Now after re-activate fluidsynth no sound (could not enable it )
After one more Ardour restart, fluidsynth now only plays the last two notes ive insterted
After re-selecting fluidsynth patch, and channel 10 (drums) i got it working normally again.

It seems that the fluidsynth configuration is not save successfully.

Steps To Reproduce1. Disable fluidsynth
2. Save and restart Arduor
3. Activate fluidsynth
4. Try playback again, note that its not ok
5. Restart Ardour
6. Try playback, note only newest notes play.
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2022-11-23 19:31

administrator   ~0026934

The patch/progam state is not saved as part of the plugin, but Ardour's MIDI track (this way it also works with external synths).
When re-loading a session Ardour replays bank/patch changes, but i the plugin is disabled it will not process those events.

So this is more or less expected behavior.

A more reliable solution is to add the bank/patch changes to the MIDI region, so that they are sent to the synth whenever you play though them (not just at session load).


2022-11-24 03:42

reporter   ~0026938

Hello x42

I like to add some more related issues which you might take into account
- When Ardour restarted it was in a state where it could not play fluidsynth sounds at all ( tested that audio played so no sound card issues)
- When selecting drums in fluidsynth using GUI i also select Midi channel 10. But Ardour does not read the channel right from the GUI so i have to set the channel to play only on channel 10 from Ardour track right mouse menu.
- The plugin state should be saved as above (with channel info and VSTI activation status) also if the midi track is deleted and recreated.
- And the information should also be in patch changes in the Midi.

So i assume based on above that :
. Ardour need to save also the Midi channel from GUI configuration, and it should also have a default channel if no channel has been set
- The Vsti state need to be saved with on/off status. It should be read "on the fly" ( not written in the midi file) in the beginning of midi track playback. so that any previous patch changes in the midi track need to partially or fully override that information.

Mbr Patrik

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