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0009111ardourbugspublic2022-12-09 16:28
ReporterPat Assigned To 
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PlatformDebian GNUOSLinuxOS Version(any)
Product Version7.1 
Summary0009111: Menu Edit / Analyze always greyed out
DescriptionBut I can activate Analyze Loudness and Analys Spectral using Right click on an audio file.

I tried this with the imageapp version 7.1. for Mx-Linux and with the demo binary version 7.1 for Windows.
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2022-11-25 02:11

administrator   ~0026942

Those edit menu actions applies to selected Range (not Region).


2022-11-25 09:44

reporter   ~0026944

Ok x42,

Then this is not a bug, but from a usability point of view its not the best solution either.
In my opinion, it would be more intuitive if you have a generic submenu Analysis, which applies to both (greyed out when it doesn't apply).

Mbr Patrik


2022-12-08 00:53

administrator   ~0026992

We don't have a region-based analysis action at present, so making this change now would not make sense.


2022-12-08 08:13

reporter   ~0026999


Then let me explain better

In 7.1 i can select an audio object and then from the region menu one can select directly loudness analysis and spectral analysis which is then wrong. But from a usability point of view they could be in edit / analysis sub menu in addition to the case of an active range.

Then it would not need to be not duplicated to the region menu which is the case now.

Also since the analysis has a submenu which can be greyed out in the situations it do not apply.

mbr Patrik


2022-12-09 13:15

reporter   ~0027005

Even simpler explanation on a really minor thing

1. Today audio objects work for loudness analysis and spectral analysis
2. But from usability point I suggest they are only in edit / analysis submenu and not in region menu (as you write that they do not work)
3. And in edit / analysis submenu can we se for audio objects and range which work
4. Edit / Analysis has a submenu which can be greyed out in the situations when it don't work

My best regards

- Patrik


2022-12-09 16:28

administrator   ~0027006

I do agree that it is confusing to have

 * Region > Loudness Analysis...
 * Region > Spectral Analysis...

and for Ranges:
 * Edit > Analyze > Spectral Analysis
 * Edit > Analyze > Loudness Analysis
 * Edit > Analyze > Loudness Assistant

They are however different operations.
I think we may have to add a "Range" menu at some point.

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