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0009029ardourbugspublic2022-10-24 04:26
Reporterunfa Assigned Topaul  
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PlatformIntel 64-bitOSArch LinuxOS VersionKDE X11
Product VersionMixbus 8.x 
Summary0009029: Duplicating a sequence of regions does not work as expected
DescriptionIn Ardour 6.9 if I select multiple regions on a track and hit Alt+D to duplicate them, the relative spacing and order of the selected regions is preserved, an the duplicate of the entire selected group is placed right after the last selected region ends. That's great.

In Ardour 7.0 however, doing the same will not preserve the structure of the selected group of regions, but instead duplicate each region "separately" and put all of them on top of each other, which is not the expected result of the operation.

I attach two screenshots to illustrate this.
One before hitting Alt+D (source regions are selected) and after hitting Alt+D (duplicates are selected).

Steps To Reproduce1. Create at least 2 regions on a track that are separated on the timeline
2. Select both in the Grab mode
3. Hit Alt+D to duplicate
4. Note how the duplicated regions are placed one on top of another, unlike the source regions



2022-10-23 20:53

reporter   ~0026680

It seems I have posted the issue by mistake and Mantis didn't include my attachements.

Here's the second screenshot. The unselected regions (4 regions in sequence on each track) are the source ones. The selected stack of regions to the right is the result of hitting Alt+D. As you can see the structure of the selected region group was not maintained.
Screenshot_20221023_213105.png (46,005 bytes)   
Screenshot_20221023_213105.png (46,005 bytes)   


2022-10-24 04:26

administrator   ~0026685

Fixed in git master, commit 7337ba42f5e0e

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