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0009015ardourbugspublic2022-10-20 14:00
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Product Version7.0 
Summary0009015: Using the plugin "EQ10Q Mono" crashes Ardour
DescriptionI have a project that I started with ardour 6, and had used the plugin "EQ10Q Mono" for quite many stereo tracks. After updating Arch, Ardour updated from 6 to 7. Then after I opened the Ardour 6 project, Ardour 7 crashed. I tested with a new project on Ardour 7, and noticed that "EQ10Q Mono" works for mono tracks, but adding the plugin to a stereo track causes a crash.

The crash message is

ardour-7.0.0: /usr/lib/lv2/atom.lv2/forge.h:198: lv2_atom_forge_pop: Assertion `frame == forge->stack' failed.
/usr/bin/ardour7: line 1: 262008 Aborted (core dumped) ardour7
Steps To Reproduce1. Open new project
2. Add a stereo track
3. Add "EQ10Q Mono" plugin to the track
-> Ardour crashes
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2022-10-20 14:00

administrator   ~0026654

Perhaps try Ardour's binary from and the EQ10Q from

The crash being in /usr/lib/lv2/atom.lv2/forge.h suggests that it is be something related to you distro.
A complete backtrace ( may provide further information.

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