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0008998ardourfeaturespublic2022-10-18 17:08
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Summary0008998: Feature request: Mixer Scenes as a sound design tool and automation helper
DescriptionAs is, Mixer scenes are immensely useful for comparing mixes.
They could turn into a great sound-design tool as well with (some of) these additions:

- Add a horizontal cross-fade slider with a drop-down menus on either side to select a scene.
- Add a smoothing time parameter to the crossfade
- Allow the above 4 controls to be automateable
- Add quantize options to these automations, like the ones in the Cue window.

I realize that implementing all of the above would need some non trivial architecture and design decisions and would be a lot of work in general.
A way to get 80% of the utility for 2% of the work would be to add a smoothing time parameter that affects any automation caused by Mixer Scenes.
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2022-10-17 15:06

administrator   ~0026619

Long term the idea is to place recall markers on the timeline, or associate a given range on the timeline with a scene.
cross-fades are already prepared, there is no architectural change needed. The problem is, as usual, policy and GUI.

but rather than automatable VCA like meta-controls for the fade, we envisage a console like integration.


2022-10-17 17:47

administrator   ~0026628

The hard part here is "how to interpolate" when cross-fading. e.g. Mute (or any boolean automation) cannot be interpolated.
For gain it could be an equal amplitude or equal power fade. EQ frequency log or linear.. etc


2022-10-18 17:08

reporter   ~0026642

Great to hear that you are thinking in a similar direction!

> The hard part here is "how to interpolate" when cross-fading

I guess the only thing a DAW can do is look if a parameter has metadata that says it is log or bool or something and assume lin interpolation otherwise, right?
At least some plugin formats *do* expose this metadata, right?

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