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0008992ardourfeaturespublic2022-10-20 12:27
Reporterkrischan941 Assigned Topaul  
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Product Version7.0 
Summary0008992: Ability to change column size (name) in Editor List
DescriptionI haven't used Ardour and audio stuff for a longer time. I am a bit positively suprised that I can change the column width in sources tab in the Editor List (as a simple "Quality of Life" improvement). But why not in other Lists? Tracks and Busses List and Regions List? That seems odd to me. I can also do change Column width in the Import dialogue (which is good). It would be practical (as a simple QoL improvement) being able to change the width of name columns in Editor Lists and also as a matter of consistency.
For the "Tags" column in Region List it also makes sense to me.
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2022-10-17 17:15

administrator   ~0026625

Fixed in git master 43d9dda31c

Because of the way GTK works, making the tag column resizable itself makes no real difference - you can only drag the right side of a column, and since the tag column is on the right-hand-size, it is not directly changeable. However, being able to resize the name column effectively lets you resize the tag column too.


2022-10-18 10:08

reporter   ~0026638

Thanks but it is not present in the latest Nightly (7.0-44-g54a98cd320). Is this correct?


2022-10-19 15:52

administrator   ~0026650

My mistake, I did it in the wrong branch of the code. It will be in master today, and thus the nightly tomrorow. Sorry about that.


2022-10-20 12:27

reporter   ~0026653

Ok works now, thanks!
For Tracks and Busses List it would be nice to have too. (In larger sessions) I tend to use it as vertical canvas navigation. To see full Track names (or bigger part of them) I currently have to expand/enlarge the list until all other track options are visible. Only then the name column gets bigger. Therefore it would be nice to be able to change Track&Busses name collumn size too.

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