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0008964ardourbugspublic2022-09-26 08:38
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PlatformUbuntu StudioOSLinuxOS Version04.22
Product Version6.9 
Summary0008964: Aux Send reaction on mouse scrolling is slow
DescriptionThere is principally a good mechanism in ardour using the scroll wheel on faders:
* Just scroll wheel: fast
* Scroll wheel with Ctrl pressed: slow
* Scroll wheel with Ctrl+Alt pressed: very slow

There is an exception of this rule. When using the scroll wheel on auxiliary sends, it goes:
* Just scroll wheel: slow
* Scroll wheel with Ctrl pressed: very slow
* Scroll wheel with Ctrl+Alt pressed: slightly before "no move at all"

I wonder if this is intended. If not, I'd love to see this behavior changed to one I experienced on other faders.
Steps To ReproduceUse a channel strip with an auxiliary send, set the pointer over it and scroll.
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2022-09-19 22:41

administrator   ~0026581

This is mysterious. There should be no difference and scroll-wheel works exactly the same (also the small inline fader).

Do you have a mouse with a latching (clicking) scroll-wheel, or do you use a touch-pad (or middle-click scroll emulation)?
I'm asking because the inline fader reacts to both horizontal and vertical scroll, with a touch-pad, a diagonal scroll can cancel out any changes.

I cannot reproduce the issue here (nor can other users I've just asked on IRC).


2022-09-20 21:08

reporter   ~0026582

Yes, I do have a latching scroll wheel. My preferred input device is a wired "Logitech Track Man Wheel" trackball. But I have mice with which I had the same result.
To be more precise I show you the dB change I'm getting delivered.

Faders (edit window or main fader of mixer window), count from 0.0 dB:
* Scroll wheel only: -5.7 dB / (+)4.7 dB for 5 scroll events from latch to latch.
* with CTRL: -0.1 dB / (+)0.1 dB for each scroll event.
* with CTRL and Alt, you need 10 events to scroll +/-0.1dB

This is totally okay for me. A very good experience.

Auxiliary Sends, count from 0.0 dB:
* Scroll wheel only: -5.69 dB / (+)4.71 dB for 5 scroll events. (Seems to be identical with the faders behavior. My fault! I had this wrong in my mind when writing the bug report!)
* with CTRL, I need between 3 and 5 scroll events to get +/-0.01 dB (I mean 0.01, not 0.1!)
* with CTRL and Alt, you need 45 scroll events to get +/-0.01 dB

Just in case, you're still getting other results: I'm using german locales. In rare cases, some programs can't deal with this or showing strange behaviors like this… But of course, it can also relate to Ubuntu's build options…


2022-09-26 08:38

reporter   ~0026589

Can this behavior be reproduced?

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