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0008947ardourotherpublic2022-09-05 10:30
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PlatformMicrosoftOSWindowsOS Version10
Product VersionMixbus 8.x 
Summary0008947: File size creepage even though nothing's changed
DescriptionI've discovered this in Mixbus though I'm not sure if it's intentional or a bug... basically, each session file contains a GUIObjectState section looking like this:-

        <Object id="rtav 7" height="68" visible="1"/>
        <Object id="automation 68" height="68" visible="0"/>
        <Object id="automation 70" height="68" visible="0"/>
        <Object id="automation 7 12/0/0" height="68" visible="0"/>
        <Object id="automation 83" height="68" visible="0"/>
        <Object id="automation 87" height="68" visible="0"/>
        <Object id="rtav 19" height="68" visible="1"/>
        <Object id="automation 106" height="68" visible="0"/>
        <Object id="automation 108" height="68" visible="0"/>
        <Object id="automation 19 12/0/0" height="68" visible="0"/>
        <Object id="automation 121" height="68" visible="0"/>
        <Object id="automation 125" height="68" visible="0"/>
        <Object id="strip 7" visible="1" strip-width="Wide">
          <Object id="processor 94"/>
        <Object id="strip 19" visible="1">
          <Object id="processor 132"/>

       // rest of the object

        <Object id="automation 10108" height="98" visible="0"/>
        <Object id="automation 10110" height="98" visible="0"/>

Near the 'rtav' objects, each number after the word 'automation' corresponds to an object id somewhere else in the file (typically an automation control / pan control / trim control or whatever). But towards the end of GUIObjectState there's usually a long list of orphaned objects whose 'automation' value doesn't correspond to any value elsewhere in the file. And each time the user presses 'Session->Save' another of these objects gets created and stored. So the file size creeps gradually upwards, even if nothing changed between this save and the last save. Is this behaviour intentional or a bug?
Steps To ReproduceSimply press Session->save with an existing session (without changing anything else)
Additional Information It seems to be present in files having ver 6000 or ver 7000 but I don't see it in earlier files.
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2022-08-16 07:55

reporter   ~0026567

This is still present here in both Ardour and Mixbus - though in Ardour's case it doesn't seem to affect every session. Maybe someone could try it on Linux or Mac?


2022-09-05 10:30

reporter   ~0026572

I'm still not sure if I've found a bug or if this gradual 'creepage' is intentional... but FWIW I booted into Linux this morning and I'm seeing exactly the same effect here in Linux.

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