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0008931ardourfeaturespublic2022-06-28 06:09
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Product Version6.9 
Summary0008931: Lock Position of everything Audio
DescriptionWould it be possible to lock the position of audio (and MIDI) but have anything else (region boundaries, automation, ...) movable?

I could imagine a second Lock Mode ("Lock Audio"?) or some checkboxes somewhere to select which items to lock in Lock Mode.
Additional InformationMy usual work with Ardour/Mixbus is editing live recordings. So there’s no Grid and none of the Audio should ever move, once it is in place. A lot of the editing is deleting the parts where the instrument on the specific channel doesn't play: Noone needs to hear the drumset over the Backing Vocals SM58 all the time. This means a lot of selecting, splitting and moving the region boundaries.

But often the regions move a tiny bit when I only want to select them. Of course, that doesn’t happen in Lock Mode, but then I cannot move anything.
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2022-06-26 11:36

reporter   ~0026489

I agree, for the same reasons -- editing live recordings. Thanks.

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