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Summary0008926: MIDI learn without middle mouse button (using a trackball)
DescriptionHello. :)

Is there a way to assign a different mouse button for mapping a parameter to a MIDI controller?

As Ardour awaits a middle mouse click on a parameter, to map it to a MIDI controller and I use a trackball ("Kensington Orbit"), that has no middle mouse button, it would absolutely make sense to be able to specify other buttons for MIDI mapping. I know, that many people use trackballs in studios, as they are more practical in terms of space requirement on a mixing desk. However, the Kensington Orbit has buttons for left click, right click and a scroll wheel (non-clickable). The ball is also non-clickable.

The most practical way would be a right click (on any parameter), while pressing the left "ALT" key on the keyboard, as this combination has no particular function in this context.

Have I overlooked an option or is this really not a feature? If the latter is true, please, add this. :))
I don't want to produce e-waste, by just buying a three-button mouse. As the trackball is fully working.
It is also more ergonomical and less likely to cause carpal tunnel syndrome.

Thank you in advance. Namaste.
Best regards,
Steps To ReproduceUsing a two-button mouse or trackball and trying to use the third button. :D
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2022-06-15 19:26

administrator   ~0026482

This is currently not configurable (but may become so in future versions).

On Linux/X11 a common solution to use "Evdev Middle Button Emulation" press left+right mouse button emulates a middle-mouse button press.

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