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0008925ardourfeaturespublic2022-07-06 08:38
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Product Version6.9 
Summary0008925: save and restore plugin views
Descriptioni would like to be able to open and close groups of plugins with a shortcut. like all my analyser plugins organized on my second screen. or all the related bus EQ. or the two bus plugin chain. all in the neat positions that i arranged when i saved the plugin view.similar maybe to saving editor views
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2022-07-05 15:16

administrator   ~0026494

Ardour already remembers the position of plugin windows.

Is this about having multiple arrangements, rather than a single position information for plugins?

Or do you simply want to open/close the UIs in groups? e.g. show/HIde all EQs, or Show all plugins of selected tracks(s)?


2022-07-06 08:38

reporter   ~0026495

I simply want to open/close the UIs in groups.
But if there are multiple arrangements that could be interesting also.
For example in one plugin view I open all the Plugins on the 2Bus and there the Spectrum analyzer is in the bottom right.. but in a second view, in which I have all my EQ open, the spectrum analyzer fills half of the screen.

But honestly that would go beyond my expectaions.. for now id just like to be able to open/close in groups :)

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