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0008887ardourbugspublic2024-05-29 15:51
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Product Version6.9 
Summary0008887: Consolidation of midi range(s) after a tempo-change unexpected effects length and timing of notes and region
DescriptionOccurs after a tempo change (for example 120 to 140):
Cconsolidation of one midi range or two midi ranges (bouncing) does something unexpected to the length and placement of the midi notes inside the range.
The range length is also affected. What you expect is that the new range is the same length as the selected region, bit it's not.
Steps To ReproduceCreate one miditrack.
Create a tempo change after a couple of bars (for example, start tempo is 120, create a tempo change 140).
Create two regions after the tempo change and put some snapped notes in it, all tied to the grid.
Select the two midi region is one range and consolidate.

Even simpeler: if only one region is selected as a range and consolidate the same happens but a bit less noticable.
Additional InformationArdour 6.9.0 ds-01
Ubuntu Studio 21.10
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2022-03-05 09:44


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2024-05-29 15:51

reporter   ~0028755

Ardour version 8.6.0 and still so alas.
Consolidation of midi-ranges/tracks is almost impossible if tempo changes are present in the session.
I would say the severity is more than minor if one thinks that consolidating is a basic feature of a Daw?

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