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0008885ardourbugspublic2022-07-08 16:22
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Summary0008885: AKAI MPK249 midi map not working as expected (new maps included)
DescriptionThere are some issues with the current midi map (e.g. switches need to be pressed twice to toggle solo on/off). I made new ones, one that uses the switches to toggle solo on/off, one that toggles mute on/off (my preference).
Steps To ReproduceWhen using the current AKAI MPK249 midi map, press a switch twice to toggle solo on/off, this is not as it should be.
Additional InformationChanged clt to ctl-toggle in the midi map, and also set the Master fader to the Modwheel on the controller instead of the last fader in bank C. It's a bit of a hack, but I find it better this way.
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2022-02-27 22:49

reporter (4,975 bytes) (4,975 bytes)


2022-02-28 15:08

reporter   ~0026338

Updated the midi maps: these have strip 8 on bank C as the master control strip, using the modwheel for volume will conflict and was dumb of me. (5,068 bytes) (5,068 bytes)


2022-07-08 11:50

administrator   ~0026497

The seem to be identical to the the existing map, but changes "ctl" to "ctl-toggle" for the solo toggles.
Does it supersede the existing ?


2022-07-08 16:22

reporter   ~0026498

Hi x42! I set it to ctl-toggle so I don't have to press it twice, that was mostly what it did 'wrong' IMO. I'm afraid I don't know quite how to answer your question though... it supersedes it on my computer, as I overwrote the file, but I'm not a dev, just a Linux-using musician :).

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