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0008877ardourbugspublic2022-02-20 13:20
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Product Version6.9 
Summary0008877: uri for /bus/gain Master is case sensitive
DescriptionI wrote a midi map file for a Nektar LX25+ midi keyboard (enclosed). I have found that it was necessary to capitalize the /bus/gain uri in order to map the main slider on the keyboard to the master bus fader. The final LX25+ map file is enclosed. The issue is not specific to the Nektar LX25+ but would affect any midi map that maps a control to the master bus fader.
Steps To ReproduceThis line does not work (no mapping to control):

<Binding channel="16" ctl="20" uri="/bus/gain master"/>

This line works properly:

<Binding channel="16" ctl="20" uri="/bus/gain Master"/>

Additional InformationIf this is a verified bug, it will affect many of the supplied midi maps as they all appear to use the lower case identification. I'm using the latest Debian release of Ardour which is 6.5.
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2022-02-20 13:20

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