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0008868ardourbugspublic2022-02-01 18:45
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PlatformMicrosoftOSWindowsOS Version11
Product Version6.9 
Summary0008868: Midi
DescriptionHi there,

I am pretty happy about having EZdrummer 2 working with Ardour on Windows!

Problem: As I open EZDrummer 2 as stand-alone or Plug-In: when I draw Midi Drum Sequences into Ardour, everything is fine…but the little moments (parts of a second) at the beginning and the end of the midi sequence are cut away, so that e.g. a 17 bar drum sequence is 16, 75 bars, and the following part begins to early and of of course without the little delay between sequence 1 and sequence 2…

Tanks for your help!

Steps To ReproduceCopy EZDrummer Midi Tracks to Ardour
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2022-02-01 18:45


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