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0008854ardourbugspublic2022-01-05 17:13
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Product Version6.9 
Summary0008854: changing the buffer size affects my automations position!
DescriptionI started a project, recorded the full song at 48kHz 256 buffsize everything went well, I closed that project. the next day I opend qjackctl changed the buffer size to 512 (AND SAME SAMPLE RATE) to mix it with less DSP load and used some automations. One day after I needed more buffer size so that it can handle all the plugins I used last time so switched to 1024 (AND SAME SAMPLE RATE) and here begins the weird part, I noticed that my automations have moved! thought that was only on my output though when I exported that, the automation process felt delayed and bad...
Steps To ReproduceI just open ardour at a specific buffersize using qjackctl (example: 256)
make some automations (very accurate ones)
save the project.
open qjackctl again change the buffer size (example 2048)
open the project on ardour again and listen
the automation lines will feel late (sonically speaking)
Additional Informationsomeone told me to re-open the session on the same amount of buffer size when I first created those automations and it felt okay
(no delay) the real problem is: I tried to live with that but DSP load was high when I created the automations, now I must mix the song on 512 with high DSP and its hard!


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