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0008850ardourfeaturespublic2022-02-12 12:59
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Summary0008850: Alesis Q49 MKII MIDI Control Surface binding file
DescriptionJust got this master keyboard in my setup.
The 8 control buttons can work in Mackie, HUI or MIDI mode.
Since I'm already using a Mackie control surface, I've configured my keyboard in MIDI mode and built the binding file.
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2022-01-04 16:12

reporter (701 bytes)


2022-01-06 09:00

reporter   ~0026290

Actually, after using the keyboard, I ended up making some changes to the previously submitted map.
1. The Record button now starts the recording (instead of just toggling global record)
2. The button at the center of the cross is mapped to stop-and-forget-capture which I use much more when recording keyboard than toggling loop :-D (733 bytes)


2022-01-29 11:42

reporter   ~0026317

Created a pull request


2022-01-29 13:07

reporter   ~0026318

Sorry I had messed up my git fork ...
Pull request is :

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