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0000885bugs2018-10-25 19:16
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Summary0000885: crossfades issues when overlap is shorter than "short crossfade length"
DescriptionIf you change the crossfade with "make short", the yellow region remains the same, but the fade-gain lines extend to the default short crossfade length.

Ardour/GTK 0.9beta25
   (built using 0.571.1 with libardour 0.867.0)

Not sure what the right thing is.
Maybe the make short option is meaningless here and should not be present.

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2005-02-08 18:50

administrator   ~0001977

there are several code lines which use min (short_xfade_length, limit). so something must be computing limit wrong, or a related error.


2018-10-25 19:16

reporter   ~0020424

Closing this ticket as it was reported against an old version of Ardour and is very likely irrelevant nowadays.
If the issue still occurs with a newer Ardour version, please open a new ticket.

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