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0008839ardourfeaturespublic2021-12-17 11:58
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Summary0008839: File Extensions
DescriptionDear Ardour-Team,

Files have the extension filename.ardour. When using a new version, the old file is changed to filename-3002.ardour. If the originally used version is even older, filename-3002-3002.ardour is created.

It would be nice if Ardour would directly use as extension .ardour5 for version 5 and ardour6 for version 6. Then you could see directly with which version the song was originally recorded.
Best of all it would be nice if there was the possibility to leave in a newer version with "save as ardour5" etc in the old format.

Thank you
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2021-12-17 11:35

administrator   ~0026277

The file-extension does not necessarily change with major versions.
e.g. Ardour3.x has 3 different revisions (3000 -3002), and then the file-format remained unchanged until Ardour 5.12 -> 6.0 transition.
Back-compatibility is important, but forward-compatibility is essentially impossible.


2021-12-17 11:58

reporter   ~0026278

Thank you for this information.

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