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0008821ardourbugspublic2021-11-09 16:07
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PlatformAMD64, Ryzen 9 (Zen2)OSAch Linux (formerly Manjaro)OS VersionKDE
Product Version6.9 
Summary0008821: Xjadeo is not in sync with Ardour when using Int. sync
DescriptionOn the attached screenshot you can see that Xjadeo is 9 frames behind Ardour.
Ardour is using Internal Sync.

When switching to JACK transport external sync, the video plays fine.
I am using JACK2-dbus as backend.

Also: I have had to manually change the session framerate to 60 FPS (from 30) to have the video at least play at the same speed as the audio plays in Ardour (though there's the 9 or so frames lag).

The video Import dialogue does not automatically set the project framerate, and the option to do so is gone in Ardour 6.9 (I believe it was there in some previous versions.).

Even if the session is set to 30 FPS, the video plays fine when using JACK sync.
I tested that using JACK and PipeWire-JACK-dropin.

So teh out-of-the-box experience when importing a 60FPS vidoe file into Ardour is:
- video plays too slow and needs the project to have changed framerate
- after that it stil lags and needs the sync to be changed to JACK
- it still has bad black frames so the user needs to transcode the vidoe to a different format

And then it works as expected.
Additional InformationAll of thse iissues did not exist in older versions of Ardour, as you can see in this video:
(attached screenshot)

I was not using a custom video encoding, did not have to change my session framerate or change to a different sync than Internal and it just worksed in that video (it was recorded more than 8 months ago though).
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2021-11-09 16:07

administrator   ~0026213

Try without pipwire -- latency compensation and playback alignment is still broken there.

Ideally with Ardour/ALSA (no JACK).
Also Ardour only supports SMPTE framerates. for 60 fps files make sure you have enabled Session > Properties >"Use Video File's FPS Instead of Timecode Value for Timeline and Video Monitor."

PS. Nothing has changed there on our side in the last 8 months. -- really video-timeline has not changed in 4+ years. If this worked in the past it is very likely an issue with your setup.

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