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0008819ardourbugspublic2021-11-04 21:41
ReporterAliMacD Assigned To 
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PlatformApple MacintoshOSMacOSOS Version10.12 or later
Product Version6.9 
Summary0008819: Stretch Mode: various issues
DescriptionStretch Mode: relation between stretched result on timeline and source list
auto-naming, (re-naming), re-appearing with different names after re-opening session,
stereo splitting to mono
(and Duration window still doesn't mirror primary clock if it's not bars/beats)
Steps To Reproduceopen a new session
create a new stereo audio track
import stereo sound e.g. ‘piano’
drag sound onto track
stretch sound: the name is automatically generated e.g. ‘piano.1@120
bug 1: this *sometimes/usually appears in Source list, but not always*
but assuming Source list has 'piano' and 'piano.1@120' listed for now...

look in Interchange….audiofiles:
in addition to the imported piano%L.wav and %R.wav I now see
piano%L%L.wav and piano%R%R.wav - these appear to be the source files for ‘piano.1@120

save and close session
re-open session

bug 2: Source list now has original ‘piano’ and two mono files: piano%L%L.wav and piano%R%R.wav
bug 3: my stereo piano.1@120 is no longer listed in Sources

If I left 'piano.1@120' on the timeline it remains there, and is listed in the Regions list but if I deleted it from the timeline it is gone and
I can’t drag the 2 mono halves of piano%L%L.wav and piano%R%R.wav into a stereo track (is this me or a missing feature?)

drag ‘piano’ in again, repeat
piano_stuff%L-2%L & R
piano_stuff%L-3%L & R etc.
again a mixture of piano.n@nnn sometimes appearing in the source list, sometimes not, but never after re-opening the session, only mono pairs

Also I would dearly like to (re-)name the files myself, not just accept the source+stretch amount even if that were to work
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