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0008790bugs2021-10-30 13:55
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Summary0008790: Using automation with arturia pigments changes pitch
DescriptionWhen I use Pigments 3 synth and use the sequencer, If I assign automation to a parameter or macro such as the decay envelope the notes unpredictably shift key/pitch when using automation. The sequence also plays when a note isn’t being played.
Steps To Reproduce1. Open ardour
2. Open pigments 3 synth
3. Use a sequencer preset on pigments
4. Enter a single long note into ardour
5. Use automation to change macros in pigments 3
6. Notes become unpredictable and don't follow the sequence set up in pigments 3
Additional InformationPigments 3 has free demo available here

This link shows the issue:



2021-08-31 02:48

administrator   ~0026128

confirmed fixed in 6.9 by reporter via forums.


2021-10-30 02:04

viewer   ~0026205

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