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0008776ardourbugspublic2021-07-17 13:32
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Product Version6.8 
Summary0008776: Branching internal track routing with a send falsely triggers the "Feedback Loop" detection
DescriptionMy use case:

SEND ? ?
  ? ?
  ? ?

I am branching out to send a "clean" signal along wiht the processed one to SiSco.lv2 for comparison.
It works great, but Ardour thinks this is a dangerous feedback loop and makes my session silent on load until I remove my sidechain send routing.

Could this be fixed?
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2021-07-17 13:32

reporter   ~0026056

My ASCII art flow diagram didn't work, so here's a drawn version:
Screenshot_20210717_153052.png (20,898 bytes)   
Screenshot_20210717_153052.png (20,898 bytes)   

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