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0008763ardourbugspublic2021-06-27 02:17
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PlatformArchOSLinuxOS Version(any)
Product Version6.7 
Summary0008763: Stretch and crash
DescriptionWhen I select a region, stretch it, the program crashes. By the way, thanks for making and sustaining a great piece of software!.
Steps To ReproduceI am using a laptop HP EliteBook 8470p with 8Gb of ram, i5 processor.
My operating system is Kundor (Ethertics), on Devuan.

I am working on a radio program with more or less 10 tracks, using OGG and WAV sources. There is a piece of music where I want to stretch a chord to twice the duration. So here are my steps:

I cut the moment the chord begins
Select the region to be stretched
Put the mouse on "Stretch" mode
Drag the clip to make the stretch options window appear
With the keyboard, make the stretch value exactly 200%
Push the "stretch/shrink" button
and.... CRASH.
The whole application shuts down.

I tried changing the "contents" selector. Same thing happens
Additional InformationThank you!


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