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0008752ardourbugspublic2021-06-22 21:50
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Product Version6.7 
Summary0008752: In fullscreen mode, renaming tracks cause Editor window to hide under other windows.
DescriptionWhen working in fullscreen Editor, editing track(s) name(s) cause other open windows (another program) to "pop up" and the rename box is displayed above such window. It's not actually pop up, but it feels like that, because you want to see the rename box in place over the Editor, not over another application. I attach a screenshot of a track name box in top of the file manager.

(using version from
Steps To Reproduce1. You must have another window open (not iconified); let's say a file manager (or it could also be the Ardour mixer detached).
2. In Editor fullscreen view, rename any track.
3. It will display only the text box above the window opened in step 1.
4. Problem arises when wanting to rename several tracks by pressing tab, as you loose focus on Ardour and tab has effect on the current window (in the example I used: the file manager).
Additional InformationI don't know if this is a window manager issue. I tried checking and unchecking the quirks preferences in Ardour but no combination succeded. I also tried changing relevant XFCE settings but the issue is still there.

Could one possible solution be setting the "renaming box window" the same type as, for example, the plugin window? Because plugin windows behave well in this context.

xprop output from a plugin GUI


xprop output from rename box

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2021-06-19 18:25


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screenshot.png (6,588 bytes)   

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