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0008733ardourbugspublic2021-05-31 23:28
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Summary0008733: Video encoding fails / is incomplete if video is offset
DescriptionI have recorded myself in Ardour and taken a video via my phone, then synced the two within Ardour. Playback within Ardour and usage of the video monitor work flawlessly. However, when I try to export video, the bar never gets to the end, and when playing the file in an external player (mplayer) the video freezes near the end and warns:

"Possibly bad interleaving detected."

Through testing I've noticed:

1. If I extend END, the video freezing point extends a bit too.
2. If I extend END past the end of the Video Timeline, video export completely fails.
3. It doesn't seem to matter which output format I use.
4. If I open Ardour via the command line and tell the exporter to show me ffmpeg's output, nothing looks amiss there.
5. I don't think I'm having any resource exhaustion problems.

I've attached some images to show how my tracks are set up.

Thanks for any help you can offer.
Steps To Reproduce1. Open a new Session with the Recording template.
2. Add an audio track.
3. Import a video file with the default settings.
4. Set START somewhere after the beginning of the video.
5. Set END somewhere before the end of the video.
6. Export the Video using the mp4 preset and default settings.
7. Notice the "Exporting Video" bar doesn't make it to the end.
8. Verify in an external player that the video freezes before the end.
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2021-05-31 18:16


start.png (116,698 bytes)   
start.png (116,698 bytes)   
end.png (84,785 bytes)   
end.png (84,785 bytes)   


2021-05-31 18:20

reporter   ~0025918

The part of the issue title that says "if video is offset" was my first pass at the issue. I took too long to write it out and the tracker booted me out. Either way, after more testing, the offsetting of the video doesn't seem to affect the result. The main symptom is the video encoding failing a fixed distance from the END marker. Extending it extends the failure point, but not past the end of the video, since in that case the export fails entirely.


2021-05-31 18:27

administrator   ~0025919

Is this Ardour from with the video-tools from ardour (ffmpeg 3.4.5)?

There have recently been similar reports from distro users that use ffmpeg 4.x. The new ffmpeg changed command-line arguments in incompatible ways and offsets are ignored.
In this case best export audio only and use some other software to mux it with the original video.


2021-05-31 19:07

reporter   ~0025920

I'm on ffmpeg 4.4, yeah. Okay, I'll try what you suggest.


2021-05-31 23:28

reporter   ~0025921

Given that 3.4.5 was released two years ago, is upgrading to 4.x on the Ardour roadmap?

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