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0008701bugs2021-05-13 22:44
ReportererojahnAssigned Tox42 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformUbuntuOSLinuxOS Version(any)
Product Version6.6 
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Summary0008701: loudness changes in audioregions does not display properly.
DescriptionI have just installed the nightly build and when i try to change the loudness of an audioregion the region wont display the change. When i copy the region i changed the loudness, the new region displays it correctly.
Tags6.6.489, loudness


related to 0008704 resolvedx42 Moving region and zooming to it moves the region back again 



2021-05-12 18:32

reporter   ~0025825

also i just tried selecting a range and delting it from the region.
Then the waveform changed(got erased)but the region stayed in place.
recognizing this a few moments later ardour crashed.


2021-05-12 18:36

reporter   ~0025826

now after this crash i try to reload the session and ardour is stuck in loading screen making the standard connections.


2021-05-12 18:40

reporter   ~0025827

Now it recovered. It just took a really long time and some unpatient (x) clicking.. :D


2021-05-12 19:07

administrator   ~0025828

Which version have you installed (Menu > Help > About)?

Could you provide step by step instruction how to reproduce this? How you do you change loudness of a Region? Do you mean Region Gain (Alt + 6/7)?


2021-05-13 08:13

reporter   ~0025829

Version is 6.6.489-dbg.
I tried to reproduce it after i advanced in the session. It works with the region i mentioned before now. But it seems, to reproduce the bug, the audioregion has to be freshly added.
Then the same two bugs appear. First the level is not changed in the GUI and then, after deleting a range from the region, there is this bug in the gui and ardour crashes a few moments later.
After restoring the session after it crashed the gain gets displayed properly but the range deleting does not work and causes crashes.
Now i saved the project after restoring it. Restarted ardour. It is still crashing when deleting ranges from the region.
It works though when i use the scissor tool to cut the region and delete the resulting regions.
But that introduces the bug with wrong display of gain again for every left region.
I use Region Gain (Alt + 6/7) but on my system its set up to work with another key: ? & ?


2021-05-13 16:54

administrator   ~0025840

> to reproduce the bug, the audioregion has to be freshly added.

How do you do that?

I just tried with 6.6-493

1. Create a new Session
2. Add an audio track (mono)
3. Record-arm the track
4. Record (ca 10 sec)
5. Select the newly recorded region
6. Menu > Region > Gain > Boost Gain

Works as expected. The waveform is level increases visually and the Region name has a suffix (+1.0dB).

7. Session > Import (I picked a mono wav file) .. as new track .. one track per file .. insert at session-start .. and copy to session
8. Select Region
9. Menu > Region > Gain > Boost Gain and Alt + 6 a few times..

Also works.

This is with (near) default preferences. Although I don't think there are any related prefs.


2021-05-13 17:06

administrator   ~0025841

> First the level is not changed in the GUI and then, after deleting a range from the region, there is this bug in the gui and ardour crashes a few moments later.

That would indicate that for some reason the region isn't added, maybe a bug in the split operation.


2021-05-13 17:30

reporter   ~0025843

I just tried it with a new session.
Imported wav as a new track.
changed gain -> works
Deleted Range from the region. -> works
change gain -> does not display
Delete another Range -> crashes
So it really seams to have something to do with splitting the regions.


2021-05-13 20:17

administrator   ~0025846

Thanks, reproduced.

1. Import region
2. select a range
3. press `delete`
4. select the later 2nd region ... (it's not in the region-list either)
5. perform some operation on it.. (has no effect or crashes)


2021-05-13 22:28

administrator   ~0025847

Fixed in Ardour 6.6-504-g4d269729b1 -- please test

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