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0008692ardourotherpublic2021-05-07 07:16
ReporterMicaguay Assigned To 
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PlatformLinunxOSUbuntuStudioOS Version20.04.1 TLS
Product Version6.6 
Summary0008692: New Session should start at Editor (despite you last place when logout)
DescriptionToday i have started a New Session, and thought the program was loading, but i was already at the Mixer without anything that would let me know i was there, because it was very similar as when the program is loading and doesn't show things, and i was not able to see the EDITOR MIXER buttons, so i though it was loading, for newbies this is bad experience and not comfortable for New Session.
Steps To ReproduceClose your last session being in the Mixer, then enter in New Session, the Mixer is loaded without anything that would let you understand you are there (and if the Mixer button is out of the window you don't know you are there too).
Additional InformationNew Session should always start at EDITOR place
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