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0008686ardourfeaturespublic2023-07-18 02:48
Reporterunfa Assigned Tox42  
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Product Version6.6 
Summary0008686: Prevent accidental region duplication when holding Ctrl
DescriptionWhen selecting multiple regions by holding down Ctrl and clicking on them I often create region duplicates by mistake.

I think a simple solution to this problem is to introduce a minimum drag distance threshold that needs to be crossed in order for drag to be registered.
It seems that these accidental region duplications occur when I hold my mouse button for too long and move my mouse cursor by 1 or 2 pixels while clicking.

Adding a 5-pixel threshold would most likely eliminate this annoying problem and ensure regions are only copied when the user intends to do so, and not during region selection.

What do you think?
Tagsui, usability



2021-05-08 01:58

administrator   ~0025802

There is currently a 4 sample threshold (for all move drags), so it's only effective when zoomed it. It should perhaps be pixel based.


2021-05-08 02:37

administrator   ~0025803

Tweaked in 6.6-456-gce1e05fc3d copy-drags now require 6 px horiz movement (move drags 2px)


2021-05-08 02:37

administrator   ~0025804

Please test

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