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0008676ardourotherpublic2021-04-28 07:23
ReporterPrisca Assigned To 
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PlatformMicrosoftOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version6.6 
Summary0008676: can't open a session message: ERROR: ardour::connect: Invalid Source port: (ardour:Bus Master/audio_out 1)
DescriptionI've got this message error when I want to open a session and so I can't open the session:
ERROR: ardour::connect: Invalid Source port: (ardour:Bus Master/audio_out 1)
could you help me please ...
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2021-04-25 21:31

administrator   ~0025769

Could you attach the .ardour session-file, or upload it somewhere?


2021-04-26 16:14

reporter   ~0025770

I don't understand (I'm french ;) ) you want me to send the file, ok ? see file attached
I also try to export the wave files in a new session but i've got the same pb
01-beauté.ardour (157,592 bytes)


2021-04-26 21:24

administrator   ~0025772

Yes, I wanted the "01-beauté.ardour file. Thanks.

However, this session loads just fine here. So either there is something specific translation or the issue is that master-out is connected to Ardour's LTC input.

I've removed the port-connection, new file attached. DOwnload and replace it with 01-beauté.ardour on your PC.
If that does not fix it, can you try to start Ardour, create a new session. then in Preferences > General > Translations : disable translations (Ardour will be in english then, je suis désolée)
01-beauté-2.ardour (157,514 bytes)


2021-04-28 07:23

reporter   ~0025775

It seems to be ok...
Merci beaucoup ;)

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