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0008665bugs2021-04-17 00:03
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Product Version6.6 
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Summary0008665: when stop recording, ardour sometimes puts undesired empty region ontop of recorded region
DescriptionI’m sporadically encountering issue where the last region I recorded shows the waveform fine as it is recording, but then when I press stop, an empty region is placed on top of the recorded region. I don’t hear my recorded region when I playback and it appears as though nothing recording because a blank region is placed ontop of my recorded audio. However the audio did record, and can be found by clicking on the empty region and pressing delete.

Steps To ReproduceNot easily reproducible, and I haven't determined the exact conditions which this happens on my computer, but it seems the more audio regions I record, the more likely I am to encounter this issue.
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2021-04-16 22:17

administrator   ~0025713

Just to clarify: there is a correct region with expected audio underneath, and simply deleting the empty region fixes things?


2021-04-17 00:03

reporter   ~0025714

yes, there is a correct region underneath the blank region, and simply deleting the empty region fixes things.

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