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0008641ardourbugspublic2021-04-06 21:42
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Product Version6.6 
Summary0008641: region producing audio output sporadically
DescriptionReproduced using 6.6.203 running on Ubuntu Studio 20.04 AMD 64-bit.
I am loop recording (mono). I'll record, say, 5 passes, which (apparently) works fine. But when I playback (as a loop) the audio for certain of the regions produced, it will produce audio only sporadically. I.e. some of the regions will work/sound as expected, but some (no pattern yet) will only produce sound (and mostly incomplete) intermittently. For example, it will only produce audio on the 4th time through the loop. I looked at the wav files in question, and they look intact (at least regarding the size).

In addition, I move the problem region later in the track, and playing it, I get no sound. The visual element suggests there is a nice big waveform there.

Steps To ReproducePerform loop recording. some of the resultant regions will have this issue.
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2021-03-27 17:25

reporter   ~0025644

noted that altering the length of the region allows it to sound. And when I resized it (dragging on the end), it snapped to some interior point. I do not have snapping enabled.


2021-03-27 17:39

reporter   ~0025645

And... If I choose one of the loop-recorded regions which seem ok, I can actually extend that region (dragging on the right extremity of the region) to uncover a significant fraction of the "next" loop recording


2021-03-27 17:57

reporter   ~0025646

I could reproduce this in 6.6.204.

Ectract of IRC chat:
"<MikeLupe> happyau: when I resize at the end, no matter in what direction (there's only one btw, to the front), it snaps the region to the _visual_ end of the amplitude."

I.e. the last (4th) region of the recorded loop shows missing visual amplitude, and that empty visual part what is being "removed" when resizing this region.

See the third attached Screenshot_03_while_resize_drag.png , this is while resizing/draging with mouse, it snaps back to where the audio really ends.
Screenshot_01.png (117,637 bytes)   
Screenshot_01.png (117,637 bytes)   
Screenshot_02.png (113,892 bytes)   
Screenshot_02.png (113,892 bytes)   


2021-03-27 18:17

reporter   ~0025647

Well, for debugging, in 6.6.203, I created a new session, created a mono track, recorded a loop, and was not able to notice the problem. I did a loop of 8, and all sounded fine and seemed to work correctly. I closed up, and created another session, imported 2 wav files as two tracks, created a mono track, recorded a loop of 8 iterations, and it behaved in the undesirable way. I took one of the bad regions, dragged it elsewhere in the track, played it, and it didn't sound. Resized it, and it now it produces audio.

Maybe it's the import that throws things off, maybe you have to import multiple.


2021-03-27 18:18

reporter   ~0025648

And if it's important, I'm using Jack, and running at 48k.


2021-04-02 09:54

reporter   ~0025668

I was able to reproduce it on the other (main) Audio WS. It doesn't matter if using Jack or ALSA btw, so for OBS' recording "simplicity" I used Jack. See the attached screen recording. @x42 were you able to reproduce it? Maybe I could help in some way to narrow it down?

Ardour 6.6.229, Debian bullseye here


2021-04-02 10:43

reporter   ~0025669

I tried to upload the clip, 1.7MB didn't seem to work, neither did 1.3MB (as .tar.gz). If the clip is relevant, we surely would find another way.

Error on upload here (mouse-focus on the uploading file):
"<head><title>413 Request Entity Too Large</title></head>"


2021-04-06 21:42

reporter   ~0025677

Here a very short archived example (A6.6.229, onboard notebook mic, ALSA) with a short 3-loop recording. The last, 3rd loop doesn't play unless being resized to snap to the "real" recording lenght of this loop. This happens as well on a "real" recording workstation with Jack and enough buffers set.

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