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0008597ardourfeaturespublic2021-02-28 23:54
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Product Version6.6 
Summary0008597: Sync playhead with the step entry insert position

In MIDI sequencers like Muse and Rosegarden one can start step recording on any desired position according to the playhead, but on Ardour the position seems to be always separate from playhead which seems counter-intuitive (for me). Insert position can only be navigated with back and rest buttons or by handling regions which can get quite cumbersome in some situations. Step navigation also works only if the step entry window is active which seems confusing (for me).

If the insert position would sync with playhead, you could move it back and forth to replace undone notes faster or start recording MIDI on any position in more flexible manner without scrolling too much between different windows etc.

I might be quite alone with this request, but it would be a lifesaver feature for me to use Ardour's sequencer.


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