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0008593ardourbugspublic2021-02-27 11:39
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Summary0008593: Scala to MIDI tuning script uses wrong base note frequency when importing .scl file
DescriptionScala scales are defined with reference to a base note, which by default is middle C with a frequency of 261.6255653Hz.

The Scala to MIDI tuning script applies scale intervals to successive notes starting at C, which is correct and expected. But it calculates the pitches in such a way as to assign pitch 69 (A) to 440Hz. In most cases, this will result in C not being at 261.6255653Hz.

This is unfortunate and rather painful if the track being tuned is meant to be in tune with another instrument which is tuned by other means (such as ZynAddSubFx). Faffing around ensues to get things in tune. (The MIDI Tuning script is no help because it imposes 12 tone EQ.)

Proposed solution: expose a base note selector and frequency input box in the GUI, set to C 261.6255653Hz by default.

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