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0008582bugs2021-02-24 18:49
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Product Version6.5 
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Summary0008582: A large lag in the response of the UI in some VST3 plugins
DescriptionSome VST3 plugins (apparently based on JUCE) plugins have a very large delay on any user actions.
This does not appear on other hosts (for example, Reaper) and in the VST2 version of the same plugins in Ardour.

A similar effect is observed in Harrison AVA plugins on any host starting with beta version from 2020.08.07 (in 2020.07.31 and earlier, everything was fine).
Steps To Reproduce1 get
2 install VST2 and VST3 version
3 create a MIDI Track in Ardour with the VST3 version of this plugin
4 try clicking on any button that brings up a pop-up window/menu (for example SC)
5 after a few seconds, the window/menu may or may not appear
6 try with VST2 version
7 all ok
Additional Informationtested on Ardour Nightly Build 6.6.40
x86_64, Optimized, Demo, gcc5
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