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0008581bugs2022-01-10 08:52
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Summary0008581: Snap to grid behaves very strange
DescriptionWhen the zoom allows snapping to grid, Ardour doesn't allow to snap.
Even if 1/16 line is seen, Ardour doesn't allow to snap to it. The same for 1/32 and 1/64.
1/8 behaves OK.
Steps To ReproduceExample video showing the problem
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2021-02-19 00:28

reporter   ~0025533

Here's an example of how region dragging works


2021-02-19 00:41

reporter   ~0025534

Ardour 5.12 works as expected: the playhead is snapping to grid lines (and even more)


2021-02-22 07:31

reporter   ~0025543

I've been informed that Ardour6 changed the behaviour to snap only to visible grid lines, to avoid abiguity. This may have been a wise decision.

However, the algorithm for deciding when to show grid lines behaves a bit weird. It tends to place grid lines much farther apart than necessary for convenient snapping. See exhibit a, where the lines are very wide (approx 80px) and there is no way to snap at a resolution finer than a measure (even though the grid is configured for 8th notes).
Exhibit b shows how far a measure must be zoomed to get the grid lines for 8th notes, and even then the spacing between the lines (approx 45px) is excessive.

There is a preference for 'Snap' which is 25px default and can be lowered but no less than 10px. I haven't noticed any difference in grid behaviour when changing this value.

a.png (6,187 bytes)
a.png (6,187 bytes)
b.png (8,101 bytes)
b.png (8,101 bytes)


2021-02-22 14:16

reporter   ~0025544

Paul and Ben at Harrison made some recent changes to Ardour code and confirmed that the problem existed.

The build 6.5.268 behaves much better now. But there are still some problems with 1/64 and 1/128 grid.


2021-02-22 17:04

reporter   ~0025545

Much, much better! Fantastic!

I'll play a bit bit the snap settings to find out what their settings do.


2021-02-23 01:39

reporter   ~0025546

Regional dragging activities are also illustrated here


2021-02-23 07:24

reporter   ~0025547

navonwolf's message is either a mistake, or maligne. Take care.


2021-02-23 20:36

reporter   ~0025548

With Ardour6.6 I get the following.
Picture 1: Grid with 1/4 note lines.
Picture 2: Same, slightly smaller, shows measure lines. I would have expected 1/2 note lines grid first, and later

scrot20210223212221.png (20,378 bytes)
scrot20210223212221.png (20,378 bytes)
scrot20210223212257.png (20,412 bytes)
scrot20210223212257.png (20,412 bytes)


2022-01-10 08:52

reporter   ~0026294

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