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0008580ardourfeaturespublic2021-02-18 14:34
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Summary0008580: Pre-record feature for punch in
DescriptionA typical punch-and-roll workflow is easy enough to manage in Ardour, but a key advanced feature in many DAWs is a "pre-record" option for a set punch-in point. This is especially useful in applications like audiobook narration where the narrator may use punch and roll to correct a mistake, only to begin speaking too soon or cut off the initial breath before they start speaking. In these cases, a brief "pre-record" prior to the punch in point would provide enough additional audio to allow the editor to preserve the recording without having to edit out a cut-off initial breath or, worse yet, require the narrator to re-record because they started speaking too soon.

In most cases, a 1-second pre-record buffer is likely sufficient, though making it variable would obviously be more desirable.
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