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0008577bugs2021-04-17 11:41
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PlatformRyzen 7OSManjaroOS VersionKDE
Product Version6.5 
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Summary0008577: Renaming an export range in the Export dialog produces files with old names
DescriptionRenaming export ranges in the export dialog is a great feature, but it seems like the names are not correctly updated for the export.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create an export range and call it "test1"
2. Open the export dialog and select the range "test1" to export
3. Double click on the range name in the Time Span tab of the export dialog to change it's name
4. Rename the range to "test2"
5. Press "Export" and wait for the process to finish
6. Check the exported file name - it's "test1"
7. Check the exported range in your session - it's called "test2"



2021-02-16 17:13

administrator   ~0025526

Fixed in 6.5-258-gb44508c174


2021-04-17 11:41

viewer   ~0025715

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