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0008570ardourdocumentationpublic2021-02-10 08:39
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Summary0008570: Webpage for PDF docs 404s
Description 404s
This page is accessible by clicking on the book icon to the right of the search bar on the manual page:
Additional InformationApologies if this is not the correct place to report this kind of bug :)
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2021-02-10 08:39

reporter   ~0025506

Thanks for reporting this.
The reason for this 404 is, the manual is created automatically on building the docs. For multiple of (good) reasons, the server software stack is not recent enough to run the latest version of the underlying html->pdf conversion software, hence a lot of features are lacking in the generated PDF.
It has then been decided to postpone the upgrade and the PDF generation has been disabled in the meantime, in order not to deliver a PDF that wouldn't be on par with our quality standards.

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