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0008554ardourfeaturespublic2021-01-25 20:59
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Summary0008554: Improvements around plugin presets
DescriptionWould like a couple of quality-of-life improvements around plugin preset handling:

1. It would be great to have a "Are you sure you want to overwrite this preset?" dialog when clicking the save button. A lot of times what I really want is to save as new (i.e. the "+" button) but click the down arrow (save) button instead, nuking the preset I was working from.

2. It would be great to have a "Are you sure you want to navigate away from this preset?" dialog when selecting presets. I'll often have unsaved changes on the current preset and lose them by misclicking into another preset.
Steps To Reproducen/a, or see description
Additional InformationI'm on 6.3, I don't know if any of this has changed by 6.5, but I doubt it.
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