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0008553bugs2021-03-13 00:10
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Summary0008553: Resizable JUCE-based Linux VST3 plugin GUI extremely laggy & high CPU
DescriptionWhen I open a JUCE based VST3 plugin with a resizable GUI, Ardour gets very slow and CPU is spending a lot of time doing something to do with resizing. GUI takes several seconds to respond to mouse events (i.e. moving faders is very painful).

As soon as I remove "setResizable(true, true)" from the JUCE plugin editor constructor and just have a fixed size GUI - Ardour handles it without issue.

Here is a stack trace from GDB while the plugin GUI was stuck in "resizing hell":

A lot resizing seems to be happening in response to non-resizing events like mouse clicks on sliders and such.
Steps To Reproduce1. Build a JUCE plugin with "setResizable(true, true)" in the PluginEditor constructor. I can make an example repo if that's helpful.
2. Run Ardour, add the plugin to a track
3. Open the plugin GUI. Do not attempt to resize the GUI - just try moving some sliders!
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2021-02-27 21:05

reporter   ~0025570

Hey there - I just added a PR that I believe fixes this issue.


2021-03-13 00:10

reporter   ~0025598

JUCE team fixed this:

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